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Centre Rules

Child Protection

Limavady Borough Council has developed its Child Protection Policy in line with recommended best practice outlined by organisations responsible for the welfare of children.

Limavady Borough Council fully supports the view that organisations, when given responsibility for children, have a legal and moral duty to provide them with the highest possible standard of care.

To this end the following are important points of note contained within the Child Protection Policy. A full copy of the policy is available on request.

Clubs and Organisations using any of the Council's Leisure Services facilities are required to have in place their own acceptable Child Protection Policy, a copy of which will be held by the Leisure Services Manager. As a minimum requirement, all such clubs and organisations must accept and apply the standards of care as outlined in the Council's own Child Protection Policy.

Leisure Services staff are advised never to:

  • engage in rough, physical, sexually proactive games including horseplay.
  • allow or engage in inappropriate touching of any form.
  • allow children to use inappropriate language unchallenged.
  • make sexually suggestive comments to a child, even in fun.
  • let allegations a child makes go unchallenged, unrecorded or not acted on.
  • do things of a personal nature that a child can do for itself.

Situations where abuse may occur can be minimised by:

  • always being publicly open when working with children, avoiding situations where individual employees and children are completely unobserved.
  • having, where possible, parents, guardians or group leaders taking responsibility for children under their care within changing rooms / toilets.
  • preferably having a male and female member of staff supervising mixed activities.
  • avoiding spending excessive amounts of time with children away from others.
Staff witnessing inappropriate behaviour between an adult & child such as petting or fondling, inappropriate physical contact, sexually explicit behaviour, suspicious behaviour in changing areas or using appropriate language will report it to the Senior Officer in the facility.



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