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Customer Relations

In Roe Valley Leisure Centre, a high emphasis is placed on Customer Care. The Centre’s key objective is to attract and retain customers. As such, every time you visit the leisure centre, you should have an enjoyable experience.

Staff within the centre strive to meet customer expectations in a number of ways including aiming to meet all service standards as set out in this information leaflet. Unfortunately, sometimes we get things wrong and fail to meet customer’s expectations. As such we welcome all comments and complaints about your experience of using facilities and how you feel the centre is performing – good or bad!

You can let the leisure centre know what you think by:

(a) completing a “Have Your Say” form available at reception

(b) by verbally informing any member of staff who will then attempt to deal with the problem immediately

(c) by verbally informing reception who will also note your comment/complaint in our verbal comments book. This is then discussed at the weekly management meeting to determine appropriate remedies if at all possible

(d) by using the Contact Us section of this website or by emailing the Leisure Services Manager directly at

Mission & Policy Statement

our mission is "Improving the health, wellbeing and quality of life of those who live, work and visit the Borough through the provision of sporting, ethical, and social developmentprogrammes"

Customer Commitment

Three key elements will underpin the leisure centre’s commitment to customer care, namely:

i.   Setting and monitoring of service standards

ii.  Comprehensive training for all staff

iii. Seeking regular feedback from customers and non-users to improve service delivery

Customer Pledge

Roe Valley Leisure Centre will seek to uphold its commitment to customer care by ensuring the following customer pledge is adhered to. We will:

i.   Ensure that there is a high standard of comfort and cleanliness in all our facilities

ii.  Provide accurate and up to date information

iii. Ensure all staff are helpful and courteous

iv. Ask for customer’s suggestions and opinions on a regular basis

v. Offer an extensive range of activities whilst delivering new leisure trends


The sections below provide information on our Service Standards so you know what to expect and Customer Feedback.

Service Standards

Customer Feedback


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