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Roe Valley Leisure Centre
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Block Booking

Block Booking

Our block booking membership allows any group or individual to book out facilities for a number of weeks to save having to pre-book each week. These bookings are paid for one week in advance.

As with all bookings, 24 hours written notice of cancellation is required from the member. A note can be left at reception or an email can be sent to Failure to give this notice means you will still be liable for the cost of the booking. Your membership will be in default and you will be unable to make further bookings until outstanding amounts have been paid.

Whoever takes out the membership will be considered the main contact for the booking(s) and as such all correspondence will be sent to and required from this person. Bookings are to be made by the member only. You should not allow others to use your membership if you are not taking part in the booked activity.

Price: 30.00

Contact: Reception


Telephone: (028) 777 64009

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