Leisure Watch


RVLC also participates in the UK-wide Leisurewatch scheme aimed at enhancing the safety of children and vulnerable adults.


The aims of Leisurewatch are to increase awareness of the potential risks posed to children by sexual offending in public leisure spaces; to reduce the risks posed by those who sexually offend by educating responsible groups in the community; to empower responsible groups to take action.


The scheme is based on training for operational staff in leisure-focused facilities. It focuses on typical grooming behaviour and the signs and symptoms of sex offending. The training equips staff with knowledge of the agencies that manage sex offenders in the community, and their powers, and procedures for responding to suspicious situations.

Staff in the leisure facilities are put in touch with named police officers responsible for community safety in their local area. They then work together to implement a system for responding appropriately to concerns they may have about any individual within the facility. The assumption is that by intervening early, potential offences may be stopped and potential offenders may be detected.

Leisurewatch complements procedures already in place within RVLC, which make staff aware of actions that can be taken in potentially harmful situation.


The scheme underpins the centre's commitment to be responsible and observant leisure providers.


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